Friday, April 3, 2009

what do you mean there´s no internet in the jungle?

Sorry for the lack of posts. We´re currently in Palenque and staying about 15 minutes outside of town in the jungle near the Palenque ruins. I´ve got lots of updates but they´ll have to wait until we get hooked up on the wireless internet again or until there´s internet access in a place that´s not a bazillion degrees.

Tonight we´re headed to Tulum so it should be cooler and the internet should be better. Never fear all is well. We´ll soon return to our regularly scheduled blogging.


Micki said...

Tulum is awesome! I highly suggest swimming in one of the underground river/caves. Its a great experience.

Cheryl said...

suffering lmb withdrawl...waiting impatiently for the next post :)
hope you're having fun

liz and adrian said...

the beach cabana has wireless so hopefully I'll be back online shortly. yes that's right I said cabana on the beach. what I didn't say is that it's twice the price of every where else we've been - oh well, that's the price of paradise.

liz and adrian said...

okay so I have wireless but no power so blogging will have to wait until belize (another 3 days). hold tight because when I do update it will be a lot.