Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hello out there... out there... out there... out there. Just testing the echo.

We're in Antigua Guatemala and have access to regular internet - notice I didn't use the word fast. I've just changed the dates on all the posts to reflect the dates they were written on. I don't know if these means they'll be re-sent to email subscribers or re-posted to the rss feed. Apologies if this happens. You'll also now be able to tell exactly how far behind I actually am. Gulp. I hope to fix this over the next week. Feel free to harass me. Or leave any sort of comment. If I know people are reading this, it will help get my motivation up. 

But enough of that. Just wanted to let you know we are alive and well and that new posts are coming.

(Apologies for all the spelling and grammar errors and typos. I'm going for quantity not quality at the moment.) 


Ninfa said...

Hi Liz and Adrian! I am following your blog everyday. Caulker Key turned out good, nice colors there! I am taking notes from your experiences for my RTW. How do you get all those sponsors and has it had any important increase in your budget? Thanks!

Gillian said...

Glad to see some posts up - I thought I had been missing out but now I see that you are backdating the posts. I hope things are getting a little more exciting for you now that the holiday is past. Keep writing...

Anonymous said...

Hey Liz and Adrian,

Just wanted to let you guys know I've been following your posts every day and it's been amazing! Keep it on and have fun:)


liz and adrian said...

HI Ninfa,

Thanks for reading.

About the sponsors, no they don't make much (if any money) yet. Most of them are commission based and no one has bought anything from amazon or lonely planet or worldnomads at the moment. the google adsense ads pay a penny per 1000 page views (more if someone clicks on an ad and visits the website) so it doesn't make much money at all - maybe if i update more regularly it would help.

But I figure if at the end I make $100 then that's another day in a country somewhere so I keep them up.

liz and adrian said...

Hello again Gillian.

Yes I forgot to mention that I am backdating them so they new posts will be popping up under this one.

They still get emailed but google reader is still hit and miss with picking them up. grrr.

Only a month left until you leave right? I see you've got your itinerary mostly done. I read your too. But with crappy internet it's hard to keep up and comment.

liz and adrian said...

Hi Bhavik,

Are you a dad yet? Probably not if you have time to comment here :)

Glad you're enjoying the blog.

Katey said...

Hi I'm really enjoying reading your blog so keep posting!

liz and adrian said...

Thanks Katey.

Really it does help to know that someone's reading this. I've got everything written down in a diary so it can feel like a drag just typing up the past when I could be writing about the future.

Woohoo! Now off to climb a volcano.

cheryl said...

well you know im deffo reading :)

liz and adrian said...

heart cmck

itinerantlondoner said...

Me too! Even though I'm finally travelling myself now, I'm still enjoying reading other travel blogs as much as ever - different perspectives, different locations, different ideas, all that give me ideas on how to mkae my trip even better (and also help me know what to avoid) - and as we´re on quite a similar itinerary that makes yours all the more of a must-read!

Ayngelina said...

I'm out here too, I check every day just in case the google alerts aren't working.

Katey said...

Hope you are still enjoying yourselves and will have access to internet soon! I checked back in case my RSS feed isn't working and I see from your pictures you have been to Tikal, can't wait to read about it!

liz and adrian said...

Thanks Geoff and Ayngelina.

Sigh, it's hard to keep on top of this thing with only intermittent access to fast internet. But I haven't given up yet.

Katey, Tikal is coming right up. I'm taking advantage of a rainy day in a beach town to get through a few more posts.