Sunday, January 18, 2009

To sell or not to sell that is the question?

With apologies to Shakespeare, the writer, not our cat.

To sell or not to sell, that is the question;
Whether 'tis better in the end to keep
The books and cds of our collection,
Or to take cash for our years of accumulation,
And by selling, end them. To read, to watch ;
No more; and by a sell to say we end
The possession and the thousand little joys
That collecting is heir to — 'tis a consumption
Devoutly to be wish'd. To read, to watch;
To listen, perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub,
For in the end of owning what dreams may come,
When we have shuffled off on our trip,
Must give us pause.

This should also give you a warning about the tone of this post. Yes, it's time to get all nostalgic and sentimental. Since Christmas Eve, when Adrian and I brought home 14 rubbermaid bins, I've started the slow labourious process of packing. So far I've filled 8 bins of books, Adrian has filled 2 bins of comics and we've barely scratch the surface. That's besides the 7 bankers boxes of books and comics we've marked to sell.

I'm starting to wonder whether selling might be better. Those are hard words for this pack rat to type. By thinking of getting rid of the majority, I'm kinda questioning myself and that's not easy.

I've tried to be objective . The cost of storing versus the value of the objects. The cost of shipping versus the price for selling. Shipping estimates range from 3000-8000 dollars. Storing stuff costs about $100 per month. But those are inconclusive. Because there's another value that I place on what I own.

My name is Liz and I am a pack rat. Like most addictions there's a strong genetic factor (nature. nurture - take your pick). My parents suffer the same affliction. I don't know where they got it from or why they do it. I admit that I take pleasure in owning, organizing and accumulating. There's nothing like categorizing by subject matter, alphabetizing by author or artist, or dare I say chronological order. Yes - these things make me very happy. Maybe now you'll understand that to even contemplate getting rid of stuff, is contemplating a whole new way of thinking.

Yet, coming to the realization that I may be getting rid of a lot of it, is very appealing. To be free of all this stuff. To start afresh. It's all really freeing.

As I stare at the wall of cds, dvds, playstation games and bins of reading material that line our bowling alley/hallways, I wish I had some info to help with the decision. For example, where can I sell all this stuff that will give me the best money? And how much can I expect per piece? If you have any answers or suggestions, please leave them in a comment.

Or if you're looking for some new reading, listening or watching material or household stuff make me an offer. I'm sure eventually I won't be able to refuse.

Oh and finally. So where are we now?

location: Toronto
departure: March 17, 2009
travel fund: $49,200
return fund: £1810

Our savings goal has been essentially reached. So you'll notice a new addition to the tally. The return fund is just as important as our travel money. Because as much as we are loathe to admit it. We will have to come back to civilization one day 


Donna and Neil said...

Oh dear, Liz...what a dilemma. Well we kept our books but we didn't have anywhere near as many as you (we didn't have the space). I think your only option is to sell. You can then have the fun of buying them all over again!

Maybe you can make a list of your books and take them around second hand book shops and try and sell them that way or have a car boot sale full of books.

Just keep the ones with sentimental value.

CONGRATULATIONS on reaching your saving target...the returning fund is just as important though.

Hope you are well and looking forward to Central America. We're excited to read your blogs as it's on our list to do!


Victoria said...

I have an idea: if you have a farewell party, have a silent auction of the stuff you think your guests might be interested in. Just put the stuff around the room with bidding sheets and pens, you might be surprised at what people bid and what they bid on.
By the way, Jamie and I can store a couple of boxes for you, if you like (just don't mention it to him, please).

liz and adrian said...

Thanks Donna. We're going to set aside a day in February to do the rounds and sell stuff. We'll have to rent a vehicle - and that's just for the books and cds.

Everything else, we'll be putting up on craigslist. And whatever doesn't sell we'll probably donate - except for the unwanted books, cds, dvds, we'll just take the leftovers with us.

Only 8 more weeks until sunshine. Happy dance.

liz and adrian said...

Victoria, I'd have the auction but the idea of carting around all that stuff is too much.

But if you're looking for anything in particular let me know and I'll give you first dibs.

I'll try to avoid taking you up on your offer of storage. No need to get you in trouble with Jamie.

Cheryl said...

sell whatever you can replace.
ps its very difficult for me to even give this advice. it is admitting you're leaving. sniff.

Jack said...

In addition to buying some of your items personally, I'm on pretty good terms with the owner of Vortex @ Yonge and Eglinton. I'd be glad to go in there with you guys and try to get you a better rate on CD's and DVD's that you might be selling. He may be interested in your vinyl as well.

I can also help you and Adrian carry in the bins if you give me advance notice of when you'd be doing so.

liz and adrian said...

Thanks Jack. We may take you up on that offer. Right now it's just sorting through it all that's a pain.